IMPORTANT: We’re Going on Hiatus

I have basically made it a point to try and be as open with my fan base as possible. Because of this I have to tell you guys for the time being Derpy Eyed Podcasting is going on hiatus. We will be rebooting the podcast when school dies down a bit but right now that takes priority. This may come as a surprise given how much we’ve been teasing the release of new reviews on our social media, and for this I apologize. It’s just we are both currently Seniors in High School and we kind of need to focus on graduation right now rather then the podcast. Not to say we don’t love it, because Jesus fucking Christ, the show is my baby! We just can’t run the risk of putting out a shitty product, and failing High School for just trying to rush content out there. Hope you guys understand. 


Here is our new theme song brought to you by Rodistyr.

Devil’s Due Movie Review

Jared, Ryan, and Derrick review the found footage movie Devil’s Due. Does it provide you with the joy of parenthood or does it make you feel like you’re experiencing contractions?

If you enjoyed the review please check out Jared’s channel and Derrick’s Channel.

Note: We got copyright claimed on this video so sorry if you’re having trouble viewing it..

State of the Podcast: January 2014

Hey everybody, we haven’t exactly been hauling ass in terms of production in the past weeks so I figured I’d make this post as sort of an update. Yes, I’m still alive, I’ve just been unable to make content due to school, however just recently a script has been finalized for a music review and we’re going to begin recording for it soon enough.

We also finally got a reply from our blip application, and it was better than  our first submission. We were still rejected but this time they acknowledged us a web series and made us a referral to another network. We didn’t make the podcast to make money though, we did it for the smiles and revelry. Hence why we chug on even after being turned down by two networks in a day.

… You know I realized this is starting to sound like a bitch fest rather than a happy update. Maybe this will help:

Yep, it sure did!

Here’s our new youtube/facebook banner. It was made by Jeffrothedude.

Here’s our new youtube/facebook banner. It was made by Jeffrothedude.

Jared and Ryan play pokemon the trading card game. Jared’s deck is primarily made of plasma blast cards, where as Ryan is using a modified chespin x and y starter deck.

Jared’s Deck List: N/A
Ryan’s Deck List: N/A

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State of the Podcast December 2013: Untitled Card Game Shows and You!

Hey you guys, recently we’ve been teasing the release of a new video / series of videos that will be appearing on the channel and we want your input. Initially the show’s subject matter was going to be a surprise but since we haven’t really been putting alot out we felt it’d best to tell you guys.

The show is going to be focused on collectible card games, and your hosts with the most (Jared and Ryan) playing the games, hanging out, talking, and possibly forming short reviews about material related to individual games.

Right now we don’t have a title so if you’d like to suggest one please hit us up on facebook, Tumblr, or youtube. Also feel free to leave suggestions for any CCG’s that you’d want to see us play.

We’re going to try and get the first episode recorded this weekend, and posted shortly after. Thank you all so much for sticking around and being awesome

If we role with this song’s premise something tells me lickitung would become a far more sought after Pokemon.

Here’s a preview of the next song riff.

Here’s a preview of the next song riff.

Derpy Eyed Podcasting - 23 Riff / Review
109 plays

Jared and Ryan finally cave in and riff a song that has Miley Cyrus in it, and she has a rap verse nonetheless. Will the saiyan warriors survive the terrible twerk team? Find out on the next episode of D. E. P.